About Us

Voice of the Tourism Industry

The Wales Tourism Alliance (WTA) was formed when the National Assembly for Wales was established and the responsibility for tourism was devolved from Westminster to Cardiff. It has evolved over the years and is now widely recognised as the voice of the industry in Wales.

Our role is to inform and forward the views and needs of the tourism community to the Welsh  Government, the Business Minister (whose portfolio includes tourism) and to Westminster (on non devolved issues). We do this by meeting face to face with both Assembly Members and Welsh MPs on a regular basis, so that they receive industry input direct.

The WTA works through:

Debate: We ensure that the industry is involved in the decision making process by stimulating debate on current issues - on-line via this web presence; at industry meetings and through a programme of WTA events including our annual conference.

Consultation: We proactively prioritise, raise and develop key issues (link to resource library) via consultation with the industry, the Assembly, Visit Wales and our UK partners in relation to UK matters. The WTA also responds to formal Government consultations where we believe there is likely to be a significant financial or resource implication for the industry.

Partnership: via its constituent member organisations the WTA aims to link sectors and raise common issues with politicians and government. The WTA executive and members include pan UK, pan Wales and regional organisations and the WTA thereby represents some 7000 tourism businesses, covering all the major sectors of the industry.

If you wish to join the debate, register today to follow our news and debates on line.

Our current political advocacy plan is attached below, along with our current industry policy document, as agreed with the WTA members, plus the WTA Executive Directors most recent quarterly report.

We have also posted our latest set of accounts and articles of association.



Executive Board

WTA membership is made up of national and regional tourism-related organisations from the length and breadth of Wales. Identifying and championing strategic issues is essential to the continuing success of tourism in Wales and forms the main drive behind our work.

There are quarterly general members' meetings with all paid up member organisations representatives welcome to attend. With regard to sectoral issues we recommend contact with the member organisations. The current Chair Adrian Barsby - Chair and  Vice Chair is Paul Loveluck. Both appointed on the 1st October 2015.