Monday, 18 August 2014

Overseas tourism headline figures released for June 2014

June saw a record number of visits from overseas, 3.18 million, 10% more than in June 2013. Across the first half of 2013 there were 8% more visits than in the first half of 2013 which is the strongest start to a year since records began. Across the 12 months to June 2014 visits were 8% higher than the previous 12 months to June 2013. Spending by visitors to the UK increased 4% (in nominal terms) in June 2014 setting a new June record – £1.97 billion. January to June spending is on par with the amount spent during the same... Read More

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

GBTS figures announced for April 2014

The UK headline figures show the volume and value of GB tourism appearing encouraging with increases of 9% trips (10.2m trips) and 4% (£1.9bn) spend, however it needs to be seen in comparison with previous year. Easter 2013 was included in the March and April figures unlike this year when two Easter bank holidays were included in the April figure creating a more positive picture.

There is a Wales breakdown as ever, although caution needs to be exercised when quoting these figures as they are taken from limited disaggregated numbers. As with the UK trend trips were up in the first quarter (3.2%). More disappointingly nights are shown as down by 11% and spend down at 14.6% (10.3% UK). Read More

Monday, 11 August 2014

Wales Tourism Advisory Board Appointment of Members

The Welsh Government are currently appointing Members to the Wales Tourism Advisory Board. The Board is looking for applicants who have a wide range of experience and skills relevant to the field of tourism. The core task of the Board is to monitor and advise Ministers on delivery against the new 2013-14 Tourism Strategy and its Action Plan. Please note the closing date is the 21st August 2014. For more information: Read More

Monday, 11 August 2014

70 Day Rule August Update

The Welsh Government has reiterated that it is still looking into the issues some self catering businesses are experiencing as a result of the 70 day rule, which was introduced in the 2010 Order. Whilst the consultation closed in March, proposed amendments have had to be examined in light of the council tax premium on second homes introduced into Housing Bill in May. This bill was approved by the Assembly in July and is currently waiting for Royal Assent.

Further to recent phone inquiries, Joanna Valentine, Head of Council Tax at the Welsh Government has confirmed that Lawyers are currently drafting advice on possible amendments to the 2010 order and their interaction with the council tax premium. On receipt of this advice and having considered practical implications of any new provisions the Welsh Government will submit advice to Minister's for their consideration. This is likely to be mid/end of September. Read More

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